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Surgery Fees

What are the costs?

There are a number of fees and charges. They include:

The Surgeon

The surgeon’s fee depends on the type of operation you are having. Each operation has one or more item numbers which are used to work out the cost.

The Assistant

The surgeon uses an assistant surgeon. Their fee is about 20% of the surgeon’s fee.

Dr Licina’s rooms will collect this fee at the pre-operative appointment.

The Anaesthetist

The anaesthetist’s fee is based on the time taken for the operation and the complexity of the patient’s medical problems.

This will be issued soon after the operation and can be paid in full and then claimed from Medicare and your health fund. Alternatively, submit the claim to Medicare & your health fund and forward the cheques and your gap payment to the doctor.

The Hospital

If you have an excess on your private health insurance policy, you will be required to pay this on admission. If you do not have private health insurance, you will be required to pay the anticipated hospital costs on admission. The hospital fee includes your hospital bed, the operating theatre, and the cost of any implants or equipment used for your procedure.

Hospital Bed

This is charged according to the number of days you are in hospital. It is calculated from midnight to midnight.

Operating Theatre

The theatre fees vary according to the complexity of your operation and how long it takes.

Prostheses and Implants

Many spinal operations require the use of prostheses and implants. These include cages, plates, screws and rods.

Other Costs

These may include medications, blood tests, x-rays and physiotherapy. Your doctor may ask another specialist to see you, especially if there are complications or health concerns. If you need to go to Intensive Care, there will be extra costs.

Bills for tests, medications, physiotherapy and other fees may be mailed to you after you have been discharged.

Can I get a quote?

The surgeon will provide you with an estimate of the proposed fee. In most cases it will be accurate but it may vary if something different or extra needs to be done at the time of surgery. The anaesthetist can also give you an estimate if you contact them and give them the item number or numbers. The surgeon can inform you about the cost of implants and prostheses. The hospital will be able to provide estimates of bed costs and extra costs.