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Clinical and Administration Team

The complete care concept at SpinePlus relies on the dedication and commitment of Dr Licina’s experienced medical and administrative team. Each member of the team is entrusted to manage a specialised area of the practice, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care. Our Staff includes Patient Liaisons, Medicolegal Coordinator, Communications Coordinator, Executive and Clinical Assistant, Financial Controller and Practice Manager.


Financial Controller

As a management team member, Manuela is an integral part of Dr Licina’s vision of a multidisciplinary practice. She is responsible for the design and management of all financial systems in the practice to maximise the efficiency of patient care by the SpinePlus health professionals. She is also entrusted with auditing and reviewing all accounting procedures.

In addition to Manuela’s core responsibilities, she consults on all aspects of the medical practice; helping to resolve issues and streamline administrative processes, aimed at enhancing the patient experience.

Manuela joined SpinePlus in 2013 with 21 years of experience in the corporate sector behind her. Graduating with a Bachelor of Business (majoring in Accountancy), Manuela worked primarily in Suncorp’s Accounting Operations Division where she maintained the fixed asset register, payroll system, and fulfilled aspects of taxation requirements for the company.


Medicolegal Coordinator

Xanthe is responsible for the coordination and management of all the medicolegal processes and documents at SpinePlus. She works closely with legal professionals and insurers to ensure that Dr Licina’s medicolegal appointments and reports are prepared and completed in a timely and efficient manner. 

Xanthe graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours 2B) in 2016. After making a decision to change her career and enter the health services sector, Xanthe is now studying a Bachelor of Exercise Science (pre-Physiotherapy) with the view towards completing a Masters in Physiotherapy. She has always been interested in human movement and injury rehabilitation. The satisfaction of helping people recover from injury and the learning opportunities that each person offers explains why Xanthe was drawn to this multi-faceted role at SpinePlus.


Appointments Coordinator

Chelsea’s role involves liaising with GP practices and managing all patient appointment requests, assisting the clinical team with the triaging process and ensuring that patients are prepared for their appointments with Dr Licina.

Chelsea is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Sciences as part of the Provisional Entry pathway for the Doctor of Medicine Programme at the University of Queensland.

Previous employment as a Medical Receptionist reflects Cheslea’s excellent knowledge of Australia’s healthcare system, her empathy towards people needing medical treatment and the professional manner in which she conducts herself.


Business Manager

With the ever-evolving nature of how Dr Licina practices medicine to care for his patients, Tanya’s role involves facilitating patient service improvement programmes and designing and implementing new administrative and management systems. Together with the administrative team, Tanya strives to create a productive, welcoming and nurturing environment for patients and their health providers.

Tanya ensures optimal staff performance and efficient administrative systems to provide superior patient services. With a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (majoring in Human Resources) from Griffith University and over 25 years of experience in the Human Resources field, Tanya also oversees staff recruitment, training, development, and counselling in the practice.