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Our Services


Dr Paul Licina provides surgical treatment of all spinal conditions, with a special interest in lumbar and cervical degeneration, trauma and deformity. The most common surgical procedures performed are lumbar and cervical discectomy, laminectomy and fusion. He has access to and expertise in state of the art equipment including intraoperative CT-based computer-assisted navigation.


Patients with injuries and chronic spinal problems are assessed by the specialist team which includes the neurosurgeon and pain specialist. With medical input, the rehabilitation team design and deliver rehabilitation programmes after injury and surgery and for chronic spinal conditions. Pain interventions such as injections and radiofrequency neurotomy are performed by the pain specialist.


Acute care

Patients with urgent and acute problems such as fractures or acute neurological deficits are seen promptly at Dr Licina’s weekly Acute Back Clinic. Other team members provide timely consultation and treatment for acute spinal problems, including severe pain and soft tissue injuries.


Dr Licina conducts medical assessments for the purpose of providing expert medicolegal reports for worker’s compensation injuries and legal claims. Other team members also provide assessments for medical, functional capacity and return to work reports. A dedicated medicolegal liaison officer facilitates communication, appointment bookings and report provision.