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Our Mission Statement

To provide an integrated multidisciplinary approach to patients with spinal problems in order to deliver the highest quality care.


Complex spinal problems often require numerous visits for consultations, assessments, scans and treatments. These interactions can often be disjointed in time and place. SpinePlus aims to provide all these services in one facility for the convenience of the patient. SpinePlus is centrally located at the Brisbane Private Hospital with its wards, operating theatres and imaging department. The SpinePlus rooms incorporate consulting rooms for a variety of specialists and therapists, and its own gym for rehabilitation.


Patients with spinal problems usually benefit from a multifaceted approach to their care. The SpinePlus team comprises experts from all fields of spinal care, including surgeons, specialists, therapists and nurses. The specialist team consists of a spine surgeon, a neurosurgeon, a pain specialist and a sports and musculoskeletal specialist. Rehabilitation is provided by a spinal physiotherapist and an exercise physiologist. Spinal nurses assist in patient assessment and follow-up, ensuring continuity of care. This range of expertise ensures that all aspects of care can be provided to patients with spinal problems.

Highest quality

Every member of the SpinePlus team is considered a leader in their field. All of the doctors are respected members of their professional societies and are involved in teaching at local, national and international level. They are drawn together in their goal to provide high quality interdisciplinary care to patients with spinal problems. The team members meet regularly and their ability to communicate and share information about the patients optimises the treatment outcome. The nursing and administration team at SpinePlus provide outstanding support and a caring attitude to their patients.